Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Opening Day?   Who knew?  Listen to this blog today and revel in the joy that is...Opening Day!   The picture is of two gloves who have become one. :)   Click on the story and I'll tell you more.

Celebration of Life Through Sports Blogcast Opening Day

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  1. I Knew It was Openning Day !!!! heck we put out a Theme meal at the Furman Univ. Dining Hall that knocked it out of the Park !! You've heard of Chocolate Fountains....Well we put out a NACHO CHEESE Fountain !!!! I have Picks on my FB page you should check them out. I also wanted to send some props out to the Furman BB players. Even after a Loss to USC at Fluor Field They still Shaved their head for the St. Baldricks Childrens Cancer foundation. great bunch of guys !